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Who is Naturopath Eric Bakker? How Have CanXida Supplements Been Changing the Lives of Thousands of People?

I’m glad you’re here, you’re in the right place if you want to know more about me, my mission, or mostly about the dietary guides and supplements with which I’ve been helping thousands of chronic patients of all ages, suffering from candida yeast infections or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

My name is Eric Bakker and I am a Naturopathic Physician who lives in New Zealand.

I was also for many years the Clinical Director of a New Zealand naturopathic clinic called The Naturopaths, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Science majoring in Complementary Health Care, as well as separate diploma and degree qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Homeopathy.

After more than thirty years of clinical practice, I finally retired in November 2019, but continue to be active with natural health education, recipes and so much more on my YouTube channel.

Now, let me tell you something important…

Beyond my credentials and experience, I like to define myself simply as a guy who loves what he does, as someone who has been helping thousands of people for more than thirty years to achieve a more pleasant and enjoyable life, to recover from pain, and get health, vitality, and joy back into their lives.

A Healthy Life in Which They’re Able to Enjoy Again.

I’ve always felt blessed to be part of a person’s journey to recovery, and in many cases, from a chronic condition they may have had for many, many years.

In fact, so many patients came to me claiming I was their “last resort” that at one stage I considered calling my clinic “The Last Resort”.

Many patients who attended my clinic over the years achieved successful outcomes. Many of them were “written-off” by medical experts long ago, and told ‘I’m sorry, but there is nothing more we can do’.

These were often the patients that “slipped through the cracks”, people with functional digestive disturbances such as Candida infections, SIBO patients, and those with non-descript conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to receive so many messages from so many inspiring people, people who were living a painful life because of Candida, parasites, or SIBO, telling me how they recovered their hope when they found a simple video on my YouTube channel, or they heard from other people about great results they’ve been getting following advice in my videos in addition to using the CanXida product range.

Months later, many of them joined the group of successful recovery stories you’ll now see on my YouTube channel. These are all genuine recoveries.

I vowed after I recovered in the 1980’s from a serious Candida infection that one day I may be able to help others, to help spare them from the misery and suffering I endured when nobody believed I had Candida. When every medical door slammed shut in my face, when I was told I needed to “see a psychiatrist”.

All these rejections only strengthened my resolve, that one day I would have the tools and resources to help others in the same situation.

I’m pleased to say that day has finally come.

Why Was CanXida Born... and Why Has It Made Such a Difference in the Lives of So Many People?

CanXida was born after many years, almost 30 years, of clinical practice. Throughout all those years, the idea of creating products unlike anything that had been seen before was always on my mind.

In the year 2000, after more than ten years of practice, I started to formulate various products for different companies, including probiotic and gut health products, vitamin C formulations, omega-3 formulations.

This was based on using many different “professional” ranges of dietary supplements, those the naturopaths use.

In the early days, I worked in a health-food shop as a naturopathic student for several years and gained plenty of experience using full ranges of retail dietary supplements.

My real desire however was to create a range of outstanding products for my patients, combining the best of both worlds, the latest advancements from technology and science, and the sublime healing power of nature.

Early on in my professional work, I started to become aware that my patients not only needed to make changes in their lifestyle and alterations in their food intake, they also needed a range of highly effective products to enhance and fast-track their recovery process.

Sadly, None of these Highly Effective Products Existed on the Market.

I had to be content with some formula designed by a supplement formulator and not a clinician, I mean, the clinician is the one who sits down day after day, year after year to work with patients, their health complaints, and their dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are almost always designed by people who have never seen a patient, most people are entirely unaware of this.

All too often, results were “hit and miss”, some patients responded well, but the majority only ending up with mediocre outcomes.

I knew there had to be a better way, I had to design products that were not only highly effective clinically, they had to give more consistent results. Clinical improvements that were not only felt by the patient, but verified by way of repeated comprehensive stool tests, a considerably more scientific approach.

After trying a wide variety of dietary supplement products for many years and obtaining disappointing results (for both my patients as well as myself), I realized that the kind of products I really desired for my clinic just couldn’t be formulated by the large companies who only want to see their bottom line growing.

These products NEEDED to be formulated by someone with a genuine desire to help, a person with the required decades of field and technical experience. Somebody who has tried ALL the “professionally prescribed” as well as retail lines.

You see…

The Effectiveness of These Products Doesn’t Merely Depend on the Quality of the Components, But Also the Synergy Between Them!

It’s all about the actual formulation and the uniqueness of the ingredients and how they interplay to create a powerful whole.

It’s not about combining all the “latest and greatest” raw materials in one capsule or tablet - all too common today - but about having a deep understanding of each and every component, what exact proportions to use of each, in addition to understanding how to make the supplement in order to optimize the delivery of the active ingredients. A noteworthy but most difficult achievement.

Truth be told, reaching the level of effectiveness that CanXida users enjoy today wasn’t easy.

It took a tremendous amount of time and patience, including countless improvements in the formulations to reach such high levels of quality and results... but the effort - and the countless hours of time investment, was well worth it.

Today, tens of thousands of people worldwide have benefited not only from all the educational videos on my YouTube channel, but also, many of them have completely regained their joy, life, and health after following my dietary guidelines and started their recovery process with the help of the CanXida supplements.

Now, let me quickly explain how each product will help you with your recovery...

Meet the CanXida Supplements Range.

CanXida Remove - Advanced Yeast Balance

I like to refer to CanXida Remove as the regulator of the digestive system, as this is maybe the best support for a system severely damaged by yeast infection, SIBO and/or various intestinal parasites.

It provides a sustained-release blend of the best anti-fungal, anti-parasite, and anti-bacterial botanicals and nutrients for candida yeast infection, to help clear any digestive imbalances and eliminate the symptoms. I’ve spent years studying herbal medicine and selected the very best for this formula.

Learn More About CanXida Remove.

CanXida Restore - Advanced Probiotic

If CanXida Remove is the regulator, CanXida Restore is the regenerator of your digestive system.

The formula works great for those with candida yeast overgrowth, leaky gut, SIBO, as well as many other digestive system complaints, and it’s been proved to be one of the best probiotics in the market for yeast balance and other gut problems.

Although our customers have confirmed that ‘Restore’ works well on its own, most of our customers enjoy even more relief and faster recovery by using the perfect synergy of CanXida Remove and Restore.

Learn More About CanXida Restore.

CanXida Rebuild - Advanced Multivitamin

CanXida Rebuild is a comprehensive and synergistic combination of 32 different vitamins, minerals, and special nutrients, in addition to 9 herbal medicines.

Rebuild has been carefully formulated to offer the most comprehensive supplements for those who wish to support their digestive and immune defenses against the stresses imposed by yeast, imbalanced bacteria, and parasites.

Learn More About CanXida Rebuild.

C-3K Plus - Vitamin C Powder with Bioflavonoids

C-3K Plus is a unique Vitamin C powder fortified with citrus bioflavonoids, Zinc, Copper & Vitamins A & E. This strategic combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants results in superior immune-support, better Vitamin C absorption & more.

Also, it tastes really great! It has a natural citrus flavor and is naturally sweetened with 100% Stevia (no sugars or colors added). We are certain you will find this amazing formula quite acceptable in a glass of water.

Learn More About C-3K Plus.

Omega 3 Plus - Quadruple Strength Fish Oil with Vitamin D3

Omega-3 Plus is a unique fish oil blend specifically designed for immune-support. Each capsule contains 1680mg of Omega-3 -Triglyceride sourced from 100% fresh, wild-caught non-GMO Alaskan fish (cleanest ocean-caught fish in the world, from the world’s most sustainable fishery).

This premium fish oil is 100% free of mercury, heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs & toxins. Guaranteed.

You’ll be boosting your health and immune system with only the highest quality and safest ingredients.

Learn More About Omega 3 Plus.

What’s Next for Eric Bakker and his Mission?

After helping thousands of people over 30 years, serving people who were constantly in pain (suffering from candida yeast infections, SIBO, and other digestive system complaints), and helping them ease symptoms, heal their bodies, and regain their health... I’m happy to say this is just the beginning.

There’s so much more to do to help people suffering from all the stress, discomfort, and pain these kinds of health conditions might cause.

Now, if you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, just go one step at a time.

First, watch a simple video on my YouTube channel and leave any questions you have in the comments, (or just send me an email).

As I’ve mentioned, I love to help as much as I can, so I always try to spare time from my research to answer questions and doubts from my subscribers.

But remember, I can’t really give highly-personalized health advice, read test results, or consult one-on-one, as those days are now gone as I’m retired. You’ll likely find me in my garden tending to my beehives, rose garden, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens.

Finally, if you’ve been on the verge of losing all hope, if you’ve heard from experts the common phrase "I'm really sorry, but there is nothing more we can do", don't worry... let's move on towards your recovery and the next healthy and vital stage of your life. It’s my mission.

Eric Bakker N.D.
The New Zealand Naturopath.