Canxida Rebuild - Advance Yeast Multi-Vitamin
Canxida Rebuild - Advance Yeast Multi-Vitamin
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RBD Gives Your Immune System 32 Vitamins & Minerals Plus 9 Herbs to Help Fight Gut Infections

Rebuild a synergistic formula of 32 vitamins, minerals, & trace elements – plus 9 antimicrobial herbs & additional ingredients like butane hydro-chloride, glutamic acid, citrus bioflavanoids (antioxidants), biotin & more.

It’s designed to supply your immune system with all the nutrients necessary to hit the “bad guys” hard. REAL HARD – as well as block them from gobbling up the vitamins & minerals from the foods you eat.

Overview of CanXida Rebuild:

  • Helps get rid of gas and bloating via a blend of calmative herbs.*
  • Improves pH of your stomach acid with the use of butane hydrochloride.*
  • Contains gum mastic, goldenseal, slippery elm bark & 6 more antimicrobial herbs to prevent “bad guys” from feeding off the nutrients in your food.*
  • Can be taken long term, there’s no risk of toxic build-up as is the case with certain other products that contain a multivitamin component.
  • Uses only vitamins, minerals & herbs that are bio-active & in forms that are super easy for your gut to absorb (no matter how dysfunctional your digestion is

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA


The 9 Antimicrobial Herbs In CanXida Rebuild

Gum Mastic Powder - a resin from a tree that grows in the middle east. Middle eastern people have used gum mastic for many, many years to heal bacterial stomach infections. Recent studies have shown gum mastic stops the growth of a wide range of bad bacteria species including helicobacter pylori (h. pylori). Studies have shown at least 1 in 5 Americans have an h. pylori infection in their stomach and most don’t even know it. The symptoms of an h. pylori infection include burping, bloating, heartburn, low grade sensations of queasiness and various gut problems. H. pylori lives in the stomach & is virtually impossible to get rid of using antibiotics (it almost always comes back) but gum mastic stops it.

Goldenseal Root - a plant that grows up in Canada and the colder regions of North America. Goldenseal is one of nature’s most potent antimicrobials because it contains high levels of berberine. Berberine is a natural antibiotic that’s been scientifically proven to wipe out bad bacteria without harming your beneficial bacteria. It has a broad spectrum application in that it not only weakens Candida but is also effective against some of the nastiest bad bacteria such as e coli, staph aureus giardia, entamoeba histolytica, trichomonas vaginalis, leishmania donovani as well as several well-known parasites. Goldenseal is also the best herb you can use for mucus membrane restoration & for boosting immune function there. The stronger you make the mucus membrane, the harder it is for yeast and bad bacteria to live in your gut.

Slippery Elm Bark - a powder from a tree that contains high levels of prebiotics. Prebiotics are a special type of sugar founds in certain plants. This sugar is what feeds probitoics (beneficial bacteria) and make them grow. Unlike most other gut health supplements, CanXida contains only natural prebiotics from herbs. We don’t use synthetic prebioitcs grown in factories or labs as these are known to feed bad bacteria and cause gas, bloating and other aggravations. Any time you see the word “prebiotics” on a supplement label, assume they are synthetic (because they 99% of the time they are). Slippery elm is one of the best natural sources of prebiotics you can get. Slippery elm bark also has mucilaginous properties meaning it’s soothing for things like ulcers.

Ginger Root - ginger has been used as a traditional remedy for heartburn, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and indigestion. According to a 1990's study published the The American Journal of Applied Sciences, ginger has anti-yeast properties equivalent to "nystat" type drugs (& without the side effects). It reduces inflammation, is effective for joint pain & arthritis, and increases the function of T-cells in the immune system so you can better fight off infections. Ginger also causes mild sweating which is beneficial because it makes the body produce a compound called Dermcidin which is antifungal.

Cinnamon Bark - cinnamon has only recently been discovered to have gut healing properties. It's a strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antifungal. It downplays inflammation causes by white blood cells after they fight off an infection. Cinnamon also reduces insulin resistance which helps with fatigue and sugar cravings. It interferes with digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates & causes them to break down slower so you don't crash after having a meal. It's one of several carminative herbs in this formula that help with bloating and gas.

Thyme (Leaf & Flower) - contains thymol, an extremely powerful antibacterial & antimicrobial. Thyme has been used for thousands of years since Ancient Egypt for its purifying qualities. Thyme was used alongside oregano and rosemary to help preserve meat because they stop bad bacteria, mold and other microorganisms from growing on it. CanXida Rebuild contains a concentrated extract of thyme taken from both the leaf and flower.

Rosemary (Leaf & Flower) - another herb like oregano and thyme that's been used for thousands of years for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary also has a positive effect on mood and cognitive function (particularly memory) which makes it a great herb to use for people who suffer from brain fog & other cognitive symptoms caused by candida overgrowth. It also boosts the immune system.

Chamomile - chamomile benefits the digestive system in 3 ways. It reduces inflammation & relieves pain. It relieves gas in people who bloat a lot & dispels flatulence. Chamomile is great for improving sleep function which is important because many people with candida also suffer from high stress. It also quells anxiety.

Anise Seed - has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the gut & one of the key herbs you take if you've got inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. Anise is useful for colitis. It helps reduce abdominal distension and gas buildup and the pain associated with it. It also helps with constipation. Anise inhibits bacterial fermentation. It stops bloating and allows your colon to relax more & this leads to smoother bowel movements. It's good for people with hemorrhoids too.

Other Information About RBD

Anywhere there’s a gut imbalance that involves microbes, CanXida Rebuild is going to work. It works passively in the background & supplies your body with all the vitamins and minerals you need.

It also increases your energy levels and helps get rid of any lingering symptoms like gas, bloating, chronic fatigue and sugar cravings.

Rebuild is the CanXida product you want to take for the longest & should be the last supplement you stop taking.

It’s extremely effective at “picking up the slack” and fixing any shortcomings or mistakes you may be making with your diet. It’s a fantastic maintenance supplement to take if you’ve ever relapsed or want an extra edge to prevent gut problems from resurfacing.

CanXida Rebuild:

  • Contains hard to find trace minerals such as molybdenum, manganese, chromium & vanadium (some of these are almost impossible to get unless you eat seaweeds).

  • Helps get rid of h. pylori (a nasty stomach bacteria that’s nearly impossible to eliminate via pharmaceutical drugs because it always comes back).

  • Contains NO sugars, artificial sweeteners, hidden sugars like maltodextrin, or synthetic prebiotics.

  • Is sustained release (just like CanXida Remove), is easy to swallow and can even be blended into smoothies without effecting the taste much.

  • Contains high potency citrus bioflavanoids (antioxidants) to help reduce free radical damage and immune system stress caused by Candida and parasite toxins (this is going to disrupt all sorts of life cycles these bad bugs have).

  • Helps prevent immune dysfunction & reduces inflammation so your body is no longer trained to have food allergies.

  • Assists with adrenal fatigue & chronic fatigue in general.

  • Accelerates recovery so you can start reintroducing the foods you love back into your diet.

What's In CanXida RBD
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