C-3K Plus - 3000mg Vitamin C Powder With Bioflavonoids
C-3K Plus - 3000mg Vitamin C Powder With Bioflavonoids
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C-3K Plus Is A High Dosage
Vitamin C Powder that
Supports Immunity, Curbs Sugar Cravings & More*

C-3K Plus is a unique high-dosage Vitamin C powder (3000mg per scoop) fortified with 1048mg of citrus bioflavanoids (hesperidin, rutin and quercetin) plus Zinc, Copper & Vitamins A & E.

This strategic combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants works in synergy with Vitamin C to enhance absorption and nourish & protect your body.

C-3K Plus gives you...

  • Better value, easier to absorb and more bio-available than virtually any other Vitamin C formula*
  • Great taste. Natural citrus flavor. Naturally sweetened with 100% Stevia. No sugars or colors.
  • Ideal for immune-support during fall & winter months*
  • High in antioxidant power. Neutralizes free redicals.*
  • Contains 6 different forms of Vitamin C. Not just ascorbic acid.
  • Non-acidic & gentle on the digestive system. Will NOT cause stomach upset or diarrhea.
  • Safe for people with sensitive or compromised digestive systems.*
  • Non-GMO, GMP certified & made in the USA.
  • Lab tested & guaranteed free of contaminants & heavy metals.

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA

What Are Citrus Bioflavanoids & Why Take Them For Candida & Gut Health?

Citrus bioflavanoids are special antioxidants that are found alongside Vitamin C in nature.

Scientists are now discovering that any health benefits credited solely to Vitamin C may actually be due to the combined action of Vitamin C & citrus bioflavonoids. Bioflavanoids recycle the Vitamin C electron so you end up with significantly higher amounts of Vitamin C in your system for longer.

In short, they amplify Vitamin C’s health & immune supporting properties

Studies show citrus bioflavanoids may also:

The 3 bioflavanoids used in C-3K Plus are Hesperidin, Rutin & Quercetin. You maybe heard of Quercetin as it became popular in 2020.

How Does Vitamin C Help With Candida & Other Gut Issues?

Vitamin C helps the immune system fight off yeast & other infections.

Many people with candida have weakened immune systems. Especially if the patient has been sick a long time because then the immune system gets burned out. This can happen from overstimulation of immune receptors the same way eating a high sugar diet can burn out pancreas receptors & cause insulin resistance.

You can tell if your immune system needs support by looking at your symptoms.

A tell-tale sign is recurring mouth yeast infection or a white tongue. Another is skin issues. The more the problem has spread beyond the gut & is wrecking havoc to other areas, the more your immune system has been overrun & can use help.

Vitamin C also helps get rid of sugar cravings.

That’s because Vitamin C & sugar have similar chemical structures. They bind to the same receptor sites on your cells & compete with each other for absorption. That means if there's more Vitamin C in your system, less sugar can get into your cells and vice versa.

That’s why studies show taking Vitamin C helps curb sugar, alcohol & carbohydrate cravings. Your body feels satiated by the Vitamin C & you stop craving foods like ice cream & chips after your meal.

Vitamin C has a cleansing effect on the bowel.

It helps get rid of accumulated toxins, sludge and plaque in your digestive system. This is important because this plaque is where yeast, bacteria and parasites like to hide.

Vitamin also C improves the health of the cells lining your digestive tract. This means less leaky gut.

Other Information About C-3K Plus

Each scoop of C-3K Plus has the vitamin C & antioxidant equivalent of eating about 25 to 30 oranges. You also get 6 different forms of Vitamin C and not just ascorbic acid.

Most Vitamin C supplements give you ascorbic acid and nothing else. With C-3K Plus you get ascorbic acid plus magnesium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate, zinc ascorbate and manganese ascorbate.

The highest quality raw materials have been selected for C-3K Plus, including minerals from Albion Labs USA, the world’s leading producers of chelated minerals.

Beware of cheap ascorbic acid supplements you see online. Nearly all of them are extracted from GMO corn. C-3K Plus is GMO-Free, vegan friendly & contains no added sugars or artificial flavors, colors or ingredients.

More Info About C-3K Plus:

  • Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese and Zinc Ascorbates as powerful buffering agents.
  • Contains optimal 2:1 ratio of Vitamin C to Bioflavanoids for maximum absorption.
  • Contains Vitamin E (as D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate) to help recycle Vitamin C & keep it active in your system for longer periods of time.
  • Contains 11.5 mg of Zinc Chelate & Zinc Ascorbate per dose (these are major minerals for immune support).
  • Contains Quercetin, a powerful bioflavanoid found in dark colored fruits & vegetables that aids with immune response, protects against stress, and promotes healthy aging.
  • Supports production of collagen resulting in healthier skin & bones.*
  • Supports better wound healing, & lower inflammatory response.*
  • Supports healthy adrenal function.
  • Supports muscle repair.*
  • Dissolves completely in water or juice.

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA

Trusted by
Thousands of Customers
Barbara kinkade
 Eliminating Candida

Posted on March, 16 2023

This candida experience has been a horrible experience affecting many unsightly folds over my body. Through the guidance and emails from the Team I have followed a huge learning experience. I finally learnt that I did not need any anti fungal products to get my self back to recovery. Following the guidance and diet has been the answer. Super. ???? Barbara.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

CanXida Support Team Response

Hello Barbara,

Thank you so much for your review.

You are correct. Diet and lifestyle plays a major role.

Best regards,
CanXida Customer Care

Levi Feldman
Not Verified
 Got me better when nothing else would.

Posted on February, 28 2023

I have tried dozens of supplements and suffered for 2 years on antibiotics working with doctors trying to feel better from Autoimmune Encephalitis and other health problems. I was getting worse and worse until I found Eric Bakker and Canxida supplements. A year later I am doing so much better it is unbelievable. I have a job, my stomach does not hurt anymore and my anxiety and depression are going away.

I am still working hard to recover and am working on destressing which I have learnt is just as or even more important than supplements and diet. Thank you Eric Bakker for recommending me Dr James Wilson so that I can learn about adrenal health and thank you for providing me the information to build a comprehensive health plan with the best supplements to see it through.

This is my 5 star review. I feel like Eric Bakker saved my life by teaching me how to save my own life.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

CanXida Support Team Response

Hello Levi,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our products.

Best regards,
CanXida Team

Kenny Mack
 Excellent Company, excellent products

Posted on February, 07 2023

The products, the customer care and all help with countless videos on how to manage and correct the candida, is exceptional. So rare is such good customer service.
Like anything, you have to put the work in yourself as well otherwise even these great products won't work. Some people want to keep eating the wrong foods whilst taking Canxida and wonder why they don't work.
Just going online to read all the articles and watch all the videos by Eric Bakker...given for free...amazing. You get a genuine feeling that they really want to help you, even though it's a business. So glad I found them

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 Excellent Products !

Posted on November, 26 2022

I decided to try the Remove, Rebuild and Restore after Flagyl, Paramomycine and Doxycycline  didnt do anything to kill the Blasto I had caught. I am pretty sure I have had Blasto for about 10 years but it remained inactive. And then the Blasto started to activate, it was the worst time of my life. I was dizzy, confused, irritable, bottoms of my feet and forearms were all tingly, constipated, diarrhea and always had a big oil slick on top of the toilet water after bowel movements. It took me 15 months of taking Canxida products to finally kill this horrible parasite. I am so grateful for Canxida, the Canxida team and Erik Bakker for all of their help and answering my questions in regards to this parasite. I just wish I new about Canxida products earlier. Canxida even helped my mom kill her H. Pylori infections. This is a must have product for gut problems.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More


Posted on October, 15 2022

Truly remarkable customer service they go beyond answering your emails.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 five star

Posted on October, 10 2022

Before ordering this product I read all the reviews and one thing kept coming up, that was their customer support. I have got to say I have bought 100s of supplements in my life and Canxida support is one of the best.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Not Verified
 Outstanding customer support

Posted on July, 21 2022

The customer support and the products are just oustanding!

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Not Verified

Posted on December, 21 2021

I have had six rounds of antibiotics since giving birth which ruined my microbiome. I was put on Nystatin and then Diflucan for chronic yeast infections and constipation. Then my doctor wanted me to take both at the same time. Luckily I took the yeast test and found these products JUST in time. Within two days my issues ranging from skin itchiness, acne and constipation began to let up. I followed his MEVY diet fairly strictly at the same time. I had a cheat meal each week. I am one week in and feeling almost 90% back to normal. It has been a year of hell and this product has been a true game changer. I also found some decent enzymes to act as biofilm disrupters from the “CBO PROTOCOL” by Dr. Cabral. These three things have given me my life back. I can finally run around the park and be a present momma to my sweet daughter. Thank god for these products. 

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Sandra Pacquet
 Thanks Dr. Bakker

Posted on November, 09 2021

Definitely one of the best doctors online. Real deal when it comes to gut health. Only solution that solved my constant gas.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 Only naturopath that passed my 2 years of rigorous research

Posted on October, 20 2021

Before you read my review I would like to mention that I am extremely picky in terms of what I buy online. I can spend hours researching a product or someone before I try their product. Even for free trials I read reviews and ask people on fb and forums. In my whole life I don't remember buying something without extensive research. 
The reason I bought Eric's products is that initially I thought he's another one of this naturopaths that just wants to sell his product but then after following him for 2years, I noticed he kept posting new videos almost on daily basis answering questions related to candida which no other company or naturopath was doing, he was constantly sharing new resources for people with candida, he was replying to comments on his fb and youtube.

I thought that it's all marketing and pretty much everyone else does that but during my research I didn't find a single naturopath like Eric that did as many videos on the topic of candida/gut.
I was still hesitant to try his product so I wrote an email and I was honestly BLOWN away by their customer support. One of their agents 'Dona' got back to me and went far and beyond to help me with my issue.
Not only did Dona find a naturopath in my region to help me with my gut issue, she also organized a DHL shipping for me.
I have since then been a hardcore customer of Canxida and follower of Eric Bakker.
Hands down one of the best customer support, product and youtube channel on internet when it comes to gut health.
I challenge you to find anyone offering this level of customer care and love like Eric Bakker and his team.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 Best supplements for CANDIDA!

Posted on October, 12 2021

Buy these if you have CANDIDA and nothing worked for you.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 your articles, videos and products changed my life

Posted on September, 25 2021

I found about your on your blog while looking up about haemorrhoids and I wanted to thank you for writing that article. After that I watched all of your videos on youtube and only after doing extensive research did I try your products and I honestly think nothing comes close to your products. Thanks for making these.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Marc Kohl
 only product that worked for my case

Posted on September, 13 2021

Thank for making these products dr. bakker.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Sean Parish
 better than all other candida supplements hands down

Posted on August, 30 2021

I have had yeast symptoms all my life, have tried other products Sf722/candifense/syntol and many others. Nothing worked. I am on my third bottle of Remove so far and I thank Eric for making this great product.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Cleo S

Posted on August, 30 2021

The only PRODUCT that helped me with my f*****G candida issue. It was driving me crazy.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Linden Cooper
 Only thing that got rid of my parasites

Posted on August, 20 2021

After my trip to India in 2019 this is the only product that helped get rid of my parasite symptoms. Ive been also taking the Vitc powder which seems to have restored my energy levels.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

No Name
 great for bloating and gas

Posted on August, 19 2021

This is the only product that helped with my bloating and gas issues that I had after having rice.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Kate Hunter
 Only supplements that worked for me!

Posted on August, 18 2021

Only supplements that worked for me!

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Dasha P
 good for gut

Posted on August, 18 2021

Since I started taking Remove, Vitc and omega 3. I have basically stopped having itch down there and no gas and bloating.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

 Solid products

Posted on August, 16 2021

I bought all the 5 products after watching Eric's video about low stomach acid. Recommended

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

Akash Bhattia
 God sent!

Posted on July, 23 2021

Tried everything but nothing comes anywhere near this stuff. Great for gut problems.

Disclaimer: Not medical or professional advice. Read More

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