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Why Eric Bakker N.D. Formulated The CanXida Dietary Supplement Range.

I am often asked why I formulated dietary supplements for Candida and digestive problems, when so many products already exist. Please let me explain why on this web page. Over more than two decades of clinical practice in both Australia and New Zealand, the idea of creating products that are different and which had never been created previously had been on my mind for many years. I saw rather early on in my clinical practice that most people suffering from Candida yeast infections and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) needed a lot more than just lifestyle changes and alterations in their food intake, they needed a highly effective range of products (unlike many other products I’d unfortunately used in the past) to actually work!

From my previous 15 years of formulating dietary supplements for other companies, I knew that it is not just the individual ingredients that make up a top-quality dietary supplement formulation, but in particular how they act synergistically that determines the effectiveness and ultimately the quality of a most effective dietary supplement. The unique CanXida formulations came to me after more than 25 years of clinical experience, scientific research and formulating expertise. My wide range of experiences enabled me to select and incorporate the right ingredients I found most useful for my patients in the right forms and proportions that enhanced their effectiveness.

When the body responds to a Candida yeast infection or a SIBO-related health problem, the digestive processes become overwhelmed and impaired, eventually affecting the health and wellbeing of the entire human being on almost every single level.* By the time the body has been in a chronic state of infective and digestive impairment, the person’s health will have become increasingly compromised to the point that they can hardly function. These are often the patients that end up going from one doctor to another and end up spending hours on Internet forums looking for answers to their multitude of health problems that “nobody can solve”.

But are dietary supplements even necessary for people who suffer with Candida or microbial imbalances of their digestive system like SIBO and dysbiosis? Are commonly prescribed drugs like Rifaxamin (antibiotics) or antifungal drugs like fluconazole the answer to SIBO or Candida?

Your digestive system will function at its best and is more capable of improving your health and wellbeing to optimal levels if the microbes that live inside your digestive system are held in a tightly controlled balance. However, different Candida species, parasites and bad bacteria can have an adverse effect on immune function, making it considerably more difficult to remain healthy. The problem with the pharmaceutical approach to microbial imbalance is that these drugs are often implicated in the indiscriminate killing of microbes inside the digestive system, including the beneficial bacteria such as the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria species. Many people today are looking for an effective natural medicine solution for their digestive unwellness instead of the pharmaceutical approach. There certainly are times when special targeted digestive, nutritional and immune support can help you maintain a healthy body and help relieve some of the stress on your overburdened digestive and immune system in particular.

A Healthy Diet Is Important, But More Is Needed At Times

In any normal situation, a high quality whole food diet is the best source of nutrients to help maintain the digestive system’s microbial balance, thereby ensuring that Candida yeast infections and SIBO don’t occur. But once the beneficial bacteria become sufficiently depleted and Candida, parasites or dysbiotic bacteria gain the upper hand, diet alone is unlikely to provide the answer to a full and complete recovery.

I found clinically that supplementing with specific nutrients and herbal medicines markedly increased my patients’ ability to strengthen their immune response, balance their beneficial intestinal bacteria and recover their health and well being to optimal levels in considerably less time. In many cases, my patients mentioned levels of improvements to their health not having experienced in many years, at times even in decades.

In the early years of my practice I began using herbal and nutritional formulations from various companies with my Candida yeast infection and SIBO patients and found that they slowly improved over time, but their progress was much too slow for my liking, no matter which product they took. In addition, all too many patients complained about unwanted side effects and die-off reactions and prematurely abandoned their treatments. Other patients complained of the ineffectiveness of treatment, even after taking the supplements as recommended and following the best possible diet and lifestyle plans I had created for them. I knew there had to be a better way.

Applying my knowledge of herbal medicine, nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutrition, I created specific CanXida formulations, and through trial and error and clinical practice discovered that most people suffering from Candida and SIBO related health problems needed not just a superior anti-microbial formula, they needed superior digestive restoration and rebuilding as well. As each CanXida formula was developed and then created, my patients began responding and recovering more and more quickly, and then eventually recovering more fully.*

At first many years ago before I created my CanXida products, I treated many thousands of Candida and SIBO patients individually trying to determine the specific herbal medicines, enzymes, probiotics as well as nutrients in order to gain the optimal outcome for the patient. Along with clinical research and attending countless conferences both nationally and internationally, the early days of my practice taught me essentially whether certain formulations were useless, reasonably effective or highly effective clinically.

Comprehensive Stool Testing And Clinical Practice Helped Me Develop The Best Formulations

After having performed several thousand comprehensive stool tests through the best laboratories in the United States for more than twenty years, I began to learn what nutrients, probiotics, enzymes and specific herbal medicines were the most effective for my patients. The clinical knowledge I have gained over an almost three decade period has been truly invaluable and helped me fine-tune my formulations to the point that I believe the CanXida range to be one of the most clinically effective for people with all manner of digestive disturbances like those who experience regular and recurrent constipation, diarrhea, food allergies or intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, and even inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s) in addition to those who experience Candida yeast infection, parasites and SIBO.*

Over time it became apparent that most people with Candida and SIBO required a similar treatment regime, only the dosage varying in quantity depending on their case. The more severe the condition, the more of these specific nutrients they required to sustain themselves, function well and recover more completely and in less time. At the time, the dietary supplements that were and unfortunately still are available lacked the clinical effectiveness I was looking for and deemed necessary for the complete recovery of my patients. To gain adequate antimicrobial, probiotic, digestive and nutritional support for sustained improvement, my patients often found it necessary to take up to a dozen or more different dietary supplements (anywhere from 50 to 80 capsules or tablets) on a daily basis – a tiresome and costly regime that became quite frustrating for them and me to manage as well as maintain.

Most all of my patients as well as many people who started buying the CanXida formulations (www.canxida.com) on the recommendation from a friends or their doctor, started emailing and calling my clinic to tell us how much they were benefitting from these formulations, and this became the most important driving force to me for forming a company that could continue and expand on this most important work. My wife and I started to realize that if I did not formulate these products myself, then there was nowhere else that people could turn to get products that worked like CanXida products do.

Since witnessing the suffering of countless patients for over twenty-five years, experiencing many conditions related to bad bacteria, parasites and Candida, I have become even more committed to establishing a dietary supplement company that would never compromise on the quality or the clinical effectiveness of my CanXida products.

I wanted all of my patients as well as the public to be able to always count on me as a naturopathic physician, to be able to provide them with top quality products that work in complete harmony with the various natural processes within their bodies that not only help to maintain and reinvigorate their health, but to optimize their health to levels they may not have experienced previously for many years.

All too many of these people have already been disappointed in the past with mediocre results they were achieving with other products or protocols of dubious quality. It has always been very important to me as a health care professional to help as many people as possible to once again be in a state of optimal digestive balance leading to a high level of health in general, and for them to know sustainable health, regardless of how long they have experienced the discouragement of struggling alone with Candida, SIBO or related health problems. Out of my desire for clinical excellence and my passion in naturopathic gastroenterology, the unique CanXida formulations were born.

CanXida Remove – The Regulator

CanXida Remove is a sustained-release and tableted herbal formulation that I designed by combining the best antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic herbal medicines and nutrients currently available.* For this product I selected what are known in the industry as ‘standardized’ herbal medicines. Non-standardised herbal medicines have been used traditionally for centuries and are still being used today by most dietary supplement companies; unfortunately the potency of their botanicals can vary greatly from batch to batch, giving inconsistent results.* Clinical results can therefore be unreliable and unpredictable at times. Standardised herbal medicines that have been used in CanXida Remove represent a more modern and scientific approach; having consistently higher amounts of the active ingredients.* The standardised herbal extracts sourced for this product provide a more consistent, stronger and effective product backed by chemical analysis to confirm the presence and ratio quantity of one or a number of characteristic plant constituents.*

The herbal medicines and nutrients used in making CanXida Remove have shown through documented research to be most effective natural medicines in both inhibition and eradication of intestinal pathogens. * By using the highest quality raw materials (including standardized herbals) in a proprietary sustained release form, I was able to achieve superior outcomes over any other comparable product of its kind I’ve ever used previously. * CanXida Remove has gone through three re-formulations and has now become what I consider to be the quintessential antifungal, antimicrobial dietary supplement. *

The success of CanXida Remove took me by surprise, in fact my third re-formulation sold out literally within weeks, not the several months I had anticipated. The feedback we received was absolutely amazing and still is today and revealed to me what I suspected, that this product was changing lives and could have only been made by a physician with considerable experience in the clinical treatment of Candida yeast infections and SIBO – not by some dietary supplement company with the sole aim of increasing their bottom-line.

CanXida Restore – The Regenerator

When I saw that the strong and increasing demand for CanXida Remove, I realized that this unique formula was meeting a real need, and I began to look at what more I could do to help the many people who suffered needlessly with Candida yeast infections and SIBO. In addition to offering dietary and lifestyle advice to patients from around the world, I always wanted to create and provide the best possible natural medicines that would allow people to deal effectively with Candida yeast infections, SIBO and many other digestive problems like IBS, IBS, leaky gut syndrome and more without the fear of any unwanted side-effects. Most of my patients who were taking CanXida Remove were also taking probiotics as well as digestive enzymes and I was regularly being asked if I could formulate these two products.

I thought that was unnecessary to create a separate digestive enzyme formula and a separate probiotic and thought about combining them, after all, there were several products already available just like this but with one exception – they all included prebiotics. The only products available at the time were either enzymes or probiotics by themselves, or combinations of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. After having used many of these products for many years in my clinic and experiencing results that were often disappointing, I knew that I could design a superior product.

I decided against including any prebiotics including FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) or inulin, because of the bad reports I had been regularly receiving from patients for many years that had been taking products containing them. SIBO patients in particular often do not do well on any supplement containing a prebiotic, and many Candida patients don’t either and these days I tend to encourage patients to avoid any products containing them. CanXida Restore does not contain any prebiotics for this reason.

Just like CanXida Remove, it took over 6 months of research to develop this product; it took time to discover the best possible combination of enzymes and probiotics that would eventually become CanXida Restore.

I found that CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore worked together synergistically for Candida, SIBO and many other conditions, and that CanXida Restore soon proved to be a stand-alone supplement that supported people with Candida, SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, constipation, food allergies and many more conditions better than anything else I had ever used in my clinical practice. * In most cases I began to notice that CanXida Restore could be used as a stand-alone digestive enzyme formula, or as an effective stand-alone probiotic, but time and again I noticed in many cases that this formula functioned best when used in conjunction with CanXida Remove. *

CanXida Rebuild – The Rebuilder

I specifically designed and carefully formulated this product to offer the most comprehensive nutritional support for those with Candida and SIBO infections. *

If you have SIBO or a Candida yeast infection, it is important that you get the right nutrients to maintain good health and for the optimal functioning of the body’s structure and its various systems, including gastrointestinal and immune system. * While this can be achieved by way of a whole foods diet, the addition of a high-quality multivitamin designed especially for those with a yeast or bacterial imbalance with a compromised digestive system will encourage a more rapid and complete recovery. * CanXida Rebuild can also be used as maintenance multivitamin after recovery from Candida or SIBO to assist in with prevention. *

CanXida Rebuild is a synergistic and comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and herbal medicines including specialized nutrients that nutritionally supports and “rebuild” patients who had been suffering short or long-term from SIBO or Candida, without the danger of incurring long-term side effects or a harmful build-up of nutrients. * CanXida Rebuild was specifically designed with the SIBO and Candida yeast infection patient in mind, and like the other products in the CanXida range, this very special multivitamin is suitable for those who experience regular and recurrent constipation, diarrhea, food allergies or intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s) in addition to those who experience SIBO as well as Candida yeast infections. *

Particular consideration has been given to the absorbability as well as the synergistic action of each ingredient, because those with SIBO and yeast infections often have compromised digestive, gastrointestinal and immune systems. * Certain ingredients such as antioxidants are in higher amounts due to the critical role they play in protecting your body from the toxins produced by SIBO and Candida, other ingredients have been increased to ensure constant energy production, because those with SIBO and Candida have a tendency to become fatigued more easily. *

CanXida Rebuild offers intensive immune support for the optimal functioning of a body and in addition contains additional anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti parasite botanicals targeted to support, protect and defend the body under stress of a SIBO or yeast imbalance or infection. *

Healthy people generally have healthy levels of beneficial bacteria providing a symbiotic relationship in their digestive system, ensuring that they get additional nutritional benefits from this healthy balance. Those with SIBO or Candida tend to have a more disturbed balance and lack these benefits and often have lower intestinal numbers of the friendly bacteria. Therefore, in addition to antifungal and antibacterial botanicals, CanXida Rebuild even contains the additional probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus to ensure that a more harmonious balance is maintained, because I don’t believe you can take too many probiotics when you have candida. Once you begin to use it, you can see how beneficial this product is and it is a perfect fit along with the first two products, CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore. *

The CanXida Trio

Observing their unique clinical effects, I began to refer to CanXida Remove as the ‘Regulator’ of the digestive system and CanXida Restore as the ‘Regenerator’ of the digestive system. My third product will be CanXida Rebuild, the ‘Rebuilder’ of the digestive system, it is on the drawing board right now as we speak, and so is CanXida Cream, the ‘Reliever’.

CanXida Remove provides a specialized sustained release blend of the best anti fungal, anti parasite and anti bacterial botanicals and nutrients to help clear any digestive imbalances*; CanXida Restore provides an optimal balance of the best enzymes and probiotics to assist in optimizing digestive function*; while CanXida Rebuild provides an optimal balance of nutrients in a sustained release form essential for vitality, energy and healthy digestive recovery*. CanXida Cream is a 100 percent natural and paraben-free cream designed for a wide range of applications including men’s and women’s yeast infections, itchy skin, and many more yeast-related conditions*.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease