CanXida Complete Immune System Support Bundle
CanXida Complete Immune System Support Bundle
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CanXida Complete Immune System Support Bundle
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Complete Immune System Support Bundle (3x RMV 3x RST 3x RBD 3x VitC)
Total Bottles: 12

The “Complete Immune System Support Bundle” is our largest bundle and is recommended for folks with particularly severe symptoms that include gas, bloating, fatigue, sugar cravings AND also have a burned out immune system (usually as a result of being sick for a very long time).

A tell-tale sign of a burned out immune system is recurring mouth yeast infection or a white tongue. Another is skin issues. Generally the more the problem has spread beyond the gut & is wreaking havoc to other areas, the more your immune system has been overrun & needs help.

This bundle is similar to the Ultimate CanXida Bundle except that it also contains 3 bottles of our C-3K Plus formula which contains high doses of citrus bioflavonoids & 6 different forms of Vitamin C to help your immune system fight off a yeast, bad bacteria or parasite infection.

For a full explanation of why it’s advantageous to take high doses of Vitamin C in addition to taking CanXida, see page 16 of our CanXida User Guide which you can access here.

The “Immune Support Pack” pack is a long term treatment bundle for those looking for the absolute best results possible for a period of 3 to 6 months (depending on your dosage).

Note: Duration of treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms and how long you’ve been ill. If you’ve had recurring yeast infections or a severe gut disorder for several years, it’s going to take you longer to recover vs if you’ve only had it for 3 to 6 months. Recovery from candida can take 2 months or it can take 6. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach. Everyone is different.

Best if…

- You want to use CanXida for a longer duration (3 to 6 months)

- Your symptoms are very severe

- Your symptoms have been ongoing for a long period of time (such as several years)

- Your symptoms flare up every day or almost every day

- You get sick often

- One of your major goals is to strengthen your immune system

- You suffer from severe gas, bloating, and fatigue

- You suffer from severe & uncontrollable sugar cravings (high vitamin C helps with this)

- You’ve yet to make major changes to your diet (Rebuild helps if the diet is still lacking)

- You want to get the BEST results possible (achieved by taking RMV, RST & RBD together at the same time)

The Complete Immune System Pack contains…

CanXida Remove (RMV): our 12 ingredient anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-parasitic cleansing tablet based on +30 years of experience. RMV is sustained release (targets all parts of the GI tract), uses standardized ingredients & is designed to work even in very severe cases where the patient has been sick for YEARS.

CanXida Restore (RST): our high quality formula of 6 probiotics & 7 digestive enzymes designed to recolonize your gut with the EXACT beneficial bacteria yeast, parasites & bad bacteria are most afraid of WHILE also giving you digestive support.

CanXida Rebuild (RBD): our synergistic formula of 32 vitamins, minerals, & trace elements – plus 9 antimicrobial herbs & additional ingredients like betaine hydro-chloride, glutamic acid, citrus bioflavonoids (antioxidants), biotin & more.

Vitamin C-3K Plus: a unique high-dosage Vitamin C powder (3000mg per scoop) fortified with 1048mg of citrus bioflavonoids (Hesperidin, Rutin & Quercetin) plus Zinc, Copper & Vitamins A & E. This strategic group of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants works with Vitamin C to enhance absorption & protect your body.

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