Omega 3 Plus – Quadruple Strength Fish Oil With Vitamin D3

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Omega-3 Plus is a unique fish oil blend specifically designed for immune-support. Each capsule contains 1680mg of Omega-3 -Triglyceride sourced from 100% fresh, wild caught non-GMO Alaskan fish (cleanest ocean caught fish in the world). Omega-3 Plus is 100% free of mercury, heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs & toxins. Omega-3 Plus also:
  • Contains 670mg EPA & 340mg DHA. The perfect ratio of EPA & DHA to help your body absorb Omega-3
  • Has no fishy aftertaste. Burpless. Contains natural citrus flavor from 100% organic lemon oil
  • Supports heart health, brain health, healthy joints, better mood & mental state, and healthier skin & hair.*
  • Soy-free
  • Distilled at low temperatures to preserve oil integrity
  • Easy to swallow. No stomach upset
  • Contains Vitamin D3 & Astaxanthin for maximum immune-support*
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