Canxida Remove - Advance Candida Antifungal
Canxida Remove - Advance Candida Antifungal
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RMV Cleanses Your Gut of
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Bacteria & Parasites

CanXida Remove (RMV) is an advanced 12 ingredient anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-parasite formula based on over 30 years of research.

It is the only formula of its kind that uses standardized ingredients in a sustained release form (see FAQs for what these terms mean).

Issues Addressed by CanXIda Remove:

  • Severe gas & bloating*
  • Unexplained constipation & diarrhea*
  • Stomach or abdominal pain caused by indigestion*
  • Vaginal thrush (aka vaginal discharge & “fishy smell”) and jock itch*
  • Recurring toenail fungus (and fungus infections in general)*
  • Oral yeast infection symptoms such as white tongue*
  • Sugar cravings (these are often caused by yeast)*
  • Severe lack of energy, fatigue and tiredness (often caused by adrenal fatigue)*
  • Inability to lose weight*
  • Persistent itchy skin rashes caused by fungal overgrowth*
  • Symptoms attributed to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth), and leaky gut syndrome*

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA

Why CanXida
Sugar Free
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
100% Natural
Whole Body Candida Cleanse
Third Party Lab Tested
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Egg Free
What's In Canxida Remove

GSE was discovered by Korean scientists to destroy the cell membranes of over 100 different yeast cell species along with over 800 different pathogenic bacteria WHILE IGNORING beneficial flora. A lot of people have trouble taking GSE because of how bitter it is (which is why we put it in a tablet)

Berberine is a natural antibiotic found in herbs such as goldenseal and berberis vulgaris. It has a broad spectrum application in that it not only weakens Candida but is also effective against some of the nastiest bad bacteria such as e coli, staph aureus giardia, entamoeba histolytica, trichomonas vaginalis, leishmania donovani as well as several well-known parasites.

Another herb very effective against yeasts and parasites, clove contains a substance called eugenol which a 2009 study at the University of Porto, Portugal, discovered RUPTURES & DESTROYS yeast cells upon contact. They also found that it almost entirely prevents Candida Albicans from producing hyphae, which are branching filaments that Candida & other fungi use to penetrate the gut wall & spread to other parts of the body. Eugenol was even found to be effective against yeast strains that had become resistant to "azole" medications, one of the most common anti-fungal drugs used to treat yeast infections.

Garlic contains allicin, one of the most potent anti-fungals ever discovered. Studies have found it to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs such & "nystat" & “azole” drugs for destroying Candida Albicans. You may think 2% sounds small but that's actually a whole lot because when that gets slow released throughout your whole digestive system it's going to have a very strong kill effect on over 800 different kinds of bad bacteria, 20 different kinds of Candida & many, many different kinds of yeasts species such as microsporum, geotrichum, aspergillus and more. Yeast hates garlic, particularly standardized, because it can't develop a resistance to it. (Don't worry if you can't handle garlic or are sensitive to it).

A short chain fatty acid derived from coconut which has been found to stop Candida from replicating. It's perfect for a sustained release formula like this one because the effect isn't too strong but at the same time it's not something yeast can develop a resistance to. Caprylic acid works best in conjunction with undecylenic acid but sadly these are rarely found together in one formula.